Westfield Groups is a family-owned business with generations of experience. We continuously hire specially-trained employees, that we come to consider family, that help this company grow. Because of our years of experience in the construction field, we’re confident in our skills but we’re always open to learning as the industry advances.

We welcome the constant innovation in our craft and keep ourselves up-to-date, so we can always offer the best that’s available. Our training and experience together make us fully capable of any project that we’re faced with and we always look forward to new jobs with new relationships.

We offer a range of sectors to suit what you need. Westfield Electric offers a low voltage division, primarily working on commercial projects; while also offering a high voltage division to provide services that fall within substations, transmission lines and fiber optic work. Westfield Technologies works alongside Westfield Electric in both our low voltage  and high voltage work. Westfield Development is able to offer a range of development opportunities from residential condominiums to assisted living facilities. Whatever you need done, we have a division for.

While the majority of our work is performed in Ohio, we’re able to service anywhere in the continental U.S. and Canada. We currently are working or have completed projects in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, Texas, Utah, California, Georgia, New Jersey, Florida and Canada.